Thursday, 4 December 2014

Robbie Savage's Hair

By Christ what the fucking fuck is going on with Robbie Savage's hair on BT Sport?

Robbie Savage terrible hair
Fuck me, whats going on?

When he had his preening highlighted long locks, I thought he had a shocker of a haircut, but one that matched the utter bell-endery of his personality. But by cutting some off and building up that ridiculous quiff,  Robbie has somehow managed to make himself look like even more of a prick than he did before, which is quite an achievement.

It's not often anyone goes to the barbers with a picture of Mark Kermode, but Robbie did.

I'll have a Kermode special please barber, no I wont be needing any prophylactics thanks.

You've got to take your hat of to him.  Please, give him a hat.

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