Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Finally, Fulham get on Radio 5

They had to get to the final of the UEFA Cup before the BBC could be bothered, but finally Fulham actually get a live match in Europe.  The way the BBC have hyped this up, you would have thought they actually cared, at least until Green and co. started to remind us how this is "very much Europe's second class competition".  For fucks sake BBC, give it a fucking rest!  Accept that Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and especially Liverpool (who you followed lovingly in this competition after they were "relegated" from the Champions League) were a bit crap this year now that the recession, low pound, and cuntish owners are finally starting to bite.  Let Fulham have their night, give them some respect!

Next week they will be telling us how the quality of the Champions League final is way down because none of the English clubs or Barcelona are there. 

Well I can honestly say to that:  fuck off.  The teams that get to the final deserve to be in the final; sport is not about your pre-conceived commentary "stories", it's about what actually happens.

Just start reporting on it, and leave the tabloid hyperbole and opinion pieces to TalkSport.  Thanks.