Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Robbie Fucking Savage

Last year, it was Gabriele Marcotti.  This year's Radio Five Live's obsession is:  Robbie Fucking Savage.  A man so in love with himself that he considers sleeping with the wife a threesome.

Like Marcotti last year, he has infested Radio 5 like a particularly virulent case of gonorrhea, only less popular.  Why are the BBC obsessed with this twat?  HE HAS NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY.  HE IS NOT FUNNYHE HAS NO GREAT INSIGHT.  HE IS JUST AVAILABLE.

What makes it worse is that he will not criticise his fellow professionals, making him a pretty dull pundit.  This is completely understandable because he is too close to them,  he is still playing the game.  He over compensates by being completely unreasonable with any opinion that does criticise players, not allowing anyone else to get a word in.

Why do the BBC do this to us?  They already inflict Allan Green and Steve Claridge on the public, we don't need another opinionated twat on the radio.  And don't get me started about Nicky Cambell, what a fucking arsehole he is.