Thursday, 3 December 2009

Gabriele Marcotti - why?

Gabriele Marcotti must have pictures of the BBC sports editor boning a watermelon or something; his presence has infested every level of sports presentation across all of the BBC's "content streams".  He's currently banging away on Radio Five Live.  On a Thursday night.  Like he does on Friday.  And Sunday six-o-six.  And Match of the Day on BBC.  And the Football League show on BBC 2.  And Football Focus.  And the Monday Night club back on Radio Five Live.  And on Tuesdays and Wednesday on Radio Five Live.  Got a news story about football, need an expert soundbite?  Call Marcotti.  So he's also on the news reports. 

Who is he?  His opinions are about as well thought through as Garth Crooks'.  He is not as entertaining as Kris Akabusi, or as good looking as Steve Claridge.  So why is he everywhere?

Speaking of Claridge, I've always thought of him as a self important tosspot, but he gives every impression of loathing Marcotti whenever they appear together, which is a lot considering that they are both on the TV or Radio every single fucking day of the year.  Sometimes I think he is about to snap and kick Marcotti in his smug face, but he never has.  Come on Claridge, grow a backbone and deck the bastard you boring twat!