Monday, 11 July 2011

Carole Malone is out of a job

I am delighted to report that as off today Carole Malone, that brave accuser of the poor, the needy, and  the vulnerable, is out of job.   No longer is she free to write the first horrible and nasty thing that comes into her head in a national newspaper, since that newspaper has been shutdown due to (among other things)  its disgusting predeliction for hacking into the voicemail of murdered schoolgirls and their families.

I bet she can't wait to get her "free house and free plasma TV". 

She must have worked up  to 30 minutes a week to write the hateful, misinformed, ignorent, stupid, destructive bullshit that used to pull her in upwards of £250K a year.  Let's hope she never works again, is mortgaged up to fuck, has a serious drink and/or drugs dependancy, and ends up losing it all.  Still, at least she doesn't have to worry about her hard earned dole money being spent on immigrants getting free cars anymore.

Fuck her.  Fuck her and fuck all the rest of them at the NotW.  Cunts the lot of them.
Have no sympathy for any of them, they would have no sympathy for you.