Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kelvin MacKenzie, lickspittle of Murdoch.

Christ I hate Kelvin MacKenzie.  This twat is on Radio 5 right now banging on about how much he loves Rupert Murdoch in light of the phone hacking allegations.  "He's a great man, a brilliant bloke,  I wish there were thousands of him", he says. "He created 30,000 jobs out of mid air!".  "He is no threat to democracy, only 20% of the population  buy a newspaper!".  "Buying a newspaper is a CHOICE!  That is why he is no threat!".  Honestly the sophistry and hero worship are combined to such an extent I think he might actually being wanking  whilst talking live on the radio.  Surely nobody in the country ever loved a former boss with such passion as the former editor of The Sun MacKenzie does?    It makes me wonder how Murdoch holds such power over him, but I doubt it's anything particularly sinister.  I just think that MacKenzie is an absolute bell-end of epic proportions who loves the sound of his own voice and will forever play the apologist to the rich and powerful to the detriment of the "common people" he so often claims to be a crusader for.  

Well good for you Kelvin, you hypocritical knobber.   Why don't you go whoring yourself around the networks prostrating yourself for the cause.  It can only raise your shitty profile as a twat-for-hire after all.  Go for it Kelvin, after all nobody could possibly think any worse of you.