Sunday, 1 February 2015

Psycho is no longer our leader...

Oh dear. 

I suppose it was inevitable, what with the appalling form, the loses, the abject results etc.  But it's still a sad day.

Psycho is no longer our leader.

It looks like losing 0-1 to Millwall was the final straw.  To be honest I was that confident in Nottingham Forest's current form that I put £2 on Millwall winning 0-3 so I can't say it was a surprise.

Even so, I really wanted it work, and I was happy for Pearce to be given until at least the end of the season, but clearly something is just not working.  He has a good squad, and he has brought in some excellent signings, so maybe we could make him director of football or head of player recruitment?  It would be nice to keep him involved in the club in some way.

So goodbye Stuart Pearce.  Just because it didn't work out for you as the Nottingham Forest manager doesn't mean we still don't love you, because we do.  You tried your best and it didn't work out.  No big deal.

Now lets try to get Martin O'Neil involved to sort things out.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dear Fawaz, please don't sack Stuart Pearce!

Psycho is our leader! 
Psycho is our leader! 
La la la la! La la la la! 

Nottingham Forest's season started so well. Well, sort of. At least we were winning, even if the performances were a bit dodgy. But now we are in full relegation form, with only 2 wins in 19 games. Then last Saturday came the inevitable FA cup defeat to Rochdale. The next two matches see Sheffield Wednesday at home, followed by (gulp) D*rby away. Lose both of those and any chairman in the country would not be up to the job if they were not at least considering changing the manager.

But wait!

This is PSYCHO! 


It is essential that Pearce is given all the time that is practically possible to rebuild the club from the shambles it has recently been. This means that anything barring relegation should be tolerated this season, and any improvement at all accepted next season.

Injuries have not helped.  Hobbs, Reid and Cohen all going down against D*rby wrecked this season; they were the spine of the team, simple as that. It doesn't help that form seems to have deserted other quality players such as Lansbury, and that the defence seems leaderless.

Lets face it the club has been a basket case for years. Fawaz seems like a good man and is doing his best to sort us out financially, and I think the best option is to give somebody like Pearce, who lives and breathes football and Forest, all the time it takes to rebuild.