Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ian Hislop: My Journey...

I started out as this little public school twat on telly.  I meant no harm. I was a fucking waste of oxygen, but no more than that. I  played a sort of anti-authoritarian, leftish-liberalish heir of Peter Cooke.
People liked me.

I got a little I got lucky when it turned out my colleague was funny.  But everybody loved me.  I had power, I had authority!

I had everything.

I  started to believe.
I started to believe that I knew so much better, and that people were all fools.  That my school was actually quite good.  That the Conservatives were not actually all that bad after all.  That maybe "the market" wasn't some crazy load of old bollocks, but could actually improve all our lives!  ... or at least, mine.

Then it all started to slip...slip...slip....slip away.

Suddenly I became a Tory cunt.
"Perhaps we deserve the bankers that we get..." I said today on TV.

Ian Hislop, you sellout little fuck.  "Perhaps we deserve the bankers that we get?".   No of course we don't you prick.

You might as well say: "perhaps we deserve all the painful bowel cancer we get?".

What a fucking idiot this man has become.