Sunday, 1 February 2015

Psycho is no longer our leader...

Oh dear. 

I suppose it was inevitable, what with the appalling form, the loses, the abject results etc.  But it's still a sad day.

Psycho is no longer our leader.

It looks like losing 0-1 to Millwall was the final straw.  To be honest I was that confident in Nottingham Forest's current form that I put £2 on Millwall winning 0-3 so I can't say it was a surprise.

Even so, I really wanted it work, and I was happy for Pearce to be given until at least the end of the season, but clearly something is just not working.  He has a good squad, and he has brought in some excellent signings, so maybe we could make him director of football or head of player recruitment?  It would be nice to keep him involved in the club in some way.

So goodbye Stuart Pearce.  Just because it didn't work out for you as the Nottingham Forest manager doesn't mean we still don't love you, because we do.  You tried your best and it didn't work out.  No big deal.

Now lets try to get Martin O'Neil involved to sort things out.

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